This is a place for like-minded Christians...


  • to have fellowship, 

  • to encourage each other, 

  • to educate ourselves,

  • to obtain strength from each other, 

  • to commit to further equality in men and women, 

  • to reach out to those who want to learn about gender equality (but have nowhere to turn), 

  • and to discuss what we can do to affect change in our sphere of influence. For more information on Christians for Biblical Equality go to CBE International


As the flagship organization for the movement, CBE International, also known as Christians for Biblical Equality, is the most trusted voice on biblical gender equality.

CBE exists to promote biblical justice and community by educating Christians that the Bible calls women and men to share authority equally in service and leadership in the home, church, and world. CBE envisions a future where all believers are freed to exercise their gifts for God’s glory and purposes, with the full support of their Christian communities.


CBE Houston was formed in 2011 as a chapter of CBE (Christians for Biblical Equality).  CBE Houston welcomes women and men of all faith denominations.