CBE Houston

CEB International was formed in 1987 by Dr. Catherine Kroeger.  CBE is an organization of Christians who believe the Bible, properly interpreted, teaches the fundamental equality of men and women of all racial and ethnic groups, all economic classes, and all age groups.

In April 2011, Dr. Mimi Haddad, president of CBE International, asked Mabel Yin, Shirley Taylor, and Ann Bayliss if they would host a one-day conference sponsored by CBE, in Houston, Texas.  Fuller Seminary expressed an interest in co-sponsoring the conference, with Quique Autrey as their representative.  Lynn Mitchell, pastor of Heights Church of Christ and long-time eqalitarian, proposed that the conference be held at the Heights Church of Christ.  Ann Bayliss, co-pastor of Heights Church of Christ, and coordinator of the conference became the President of the team. Others joining the steering team were Wiley Clarkson, and Kathy Straker, and Celina Sisk.

The planning of the conference was well underway when Christians for Biblical Equality Houston Chapter (CBE Houston) was officially chartered. Membership in CBE Houston is open to those who subscribe to the Chapter’s Statement of Faith and who will commit to promote gender equality for all Christians.

Why join CBE Houston?

  • Free membership.   Joining CBE Houston provides a place to meet like-minded Christians to discuss all relevant topics concerning Biblical egalitarian topics and where we can act as a community. It is a place to network, build one another up, study the Word, at the same time meet new people and encourage one another.

Who can join CBE Houston?

  • CBE offers membership to individuals, households, churches and organizations. Members work together to promote Biblical equality where they live, work, minister, and worship.

  • Does joining CBE Houston automatically enroll me in CBE International?

  • Joining CBE Houston does not give you membership in CBE International. You can subscribe to CBE International through their website www.cbeinternational.org

 What do I receive?

  • Membership is free, but donations are accepted and welcomed.

  • Members will have a voice regarding women’s equality.

  • Members can join the CBE Facebook and speak out and learn from others.

  • Free Arise email newsletter from www.cbeinternational.org

How do I join CBE Houston?